Invest in Sustainability

Our aspiration in ESG
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is an important issue for  future industry development. We have a people-centerd development philosophy. We believe that our dedicated ESG investments can contribute to the sustainable change for the planet.


Democracy is at the heart of our corporate governance. Everyone can speak for themselves. The CSR management system plays its part in corporate governance. We have appointed senior managers who are responsible for continuously improving the underlying governance system. The company will establish a system for regular dialogue with employee representatives.


Only together can we change the world! 

Go Green

We are committed to energy conservation, environmental protection and sustainable development. Strict control on hazards in raw materials and machinery are imposed. 

We are committed to improve energy efficiency by 5% every year. 

It is 100% our duty to protect our beautiful neighbour - Yang Cheng Lake.

People First

We adhere to the principles of non-discrimination, fairness and equality. Compliance with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) standards is mandatory. HSE and training are highly emphasised in all workshops. 

We embrace diversity and value the differences between people. We are committed to giving back to our home community and bringing a positive impact to our society.