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The state-of-the-art solutions for cathode and anode materials of Li-ion batteries, honeycomb ceramics, 5G communication, electronic ceramics, magnetic materials, and more.

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Roller Hearth Kiln

Adhering to scientific innovation and strengthening quality management, more than 42+ patents have been obtained


The engineering team had worked with the best Japanese heat treatment organizations for decades. Chief engineers had visited Japan to research and collaborate on thermal engineering.

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Your Trustworthy Heat Treatment Partner

Delivered over 600 kilns over China. Exported to Japan, USA, South Korea, Vietnam and more. Earned world-wide recognition.

Founded in 2011, 

registered with 21 million RMB capital

Over 160 employees, 

and over 90 engineers and technicians

Over 34,000 square meters of manufacturing space

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We are engaged in the development, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of industrial furnaces/kilns and related automation equipment, including roller hearth kilns, pusher plate kilns, bell kilns, shuttle kilns and tunnel kilns, etc. 

Our solutions are suitable for pre-firing, debinding, firing, drying, heat treating, curing and ceramic metallization of various materials, e.g. cathode and anode materials of Li-ion battery, cellular ceramics, 5G communication, electronic ceramics, magnetic materials, alumina, zirconia, etc.


Delivered over 660 kilns over China. Exported to USA, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and beyond. Earned world-wide reputation.