Company Intro

  SUZHOU KILNPARTNER MECHANICAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. specializes in the development, design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of industrial kilns and related automation equipment. The kilns offered include roller hearth kilns, pusher kilns, bell kilns, shuttle kilns, tunnel kilns, rotary kilns, and experimental kilns. They are suitable for various processes such as pre-firing, debinding, sintering, drying, heat treatment, curing, ceramic metallization, and more. These kilns can be used for materials like LIB cathode & anode materials, honeycomb ceramics, 5G communications, electronic ceramics, magnetic materials, alumina, zirconia, and other materials.

  KILNPARTNER is located in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, and was established in 2011 with a registered capital of 50 million RMB. It currently has over 140 employees, with over 100 technical engineers. The factory covers the footprint of approx. 24,000m2. The core team at KILNPARTNER boasts over a decade of experience working in a reputable kiln company in Japan. They have also participated in numerous training sessions in Japan to further their knowledge of kiln thermal technology. KILNPARTNER has delivered over 600 sets of various kilns nationwide and has exported to countries like South Korea, receiving high praise from customers.

  KILNPARTNER collaborates closely with top Chinese research institutes and universities like CAS's Institute of Physical and Chemistry Technology, Southeast University, and Soochow University. Through integrating production, research, and learning while prioritizing scientific innovation and rigorous quality management, KILNPARTNER has secured 46 patents and certifications. These include distinctions such as "High-Tech Enterprise," "Private Technology Enterprise in Jiangsu Province," and "Contract-abiding and Credit-amazing Unit."

Founded in 2011, registered with 21 million RMB capital

Over 160 employees, and over 90 engineers and technicians


Over 34,000 square meters of manufacturing space

Our History

2010-2012   Start Point

Began furnace making 

Delivered 1st pusher plate furnace

Delivered 1st roller hearth furnace

Delivered 1st bell furnace 

R&D on Li-ion battery technology

Developed high-efficiency automated bell kiln

Deliver 1st kiln for Li-ion battery industry

Pioneered to be free of sub-inspection after the firing of small Mn-Zn magnetic rings

2015   Improved Technology

2016   Batch Kiln Delivery for Li-ion Batt

30 meter N2 protected pusher furnace for anodes

Atmosphere/O2 roller hearth furnace for NCA/NCM

6-tray-wide N2 protected roller hearth kiln for LFP calcination 

2017~2019   Rapid Development

Continued batch delivery of kilns for Li-ion batteries production 

Annual sales go over 100 million RMB 

Export batch orders to Vietnam and Russia

2014   Improved Quality

ISO9001 certified 

Export batch orders to Japan

Delivered 1st high-temp pusher plate kiln (1650℃)

Delivered 1st high-temp shuttle kiln (1750℃)

Delivered 1st high-temp wide mesh belt kiln (53m x 3m)

2013   Explored New Kiln Type

2020~2021 Leading the Industry

Annual sales go over 1 billion RMB

Completed Series A financing 

Launched industry-leading standardized products

2022   Advance Towards the World

Leader of LiB kiln solution providers

Established new production and R&D center

Enter the European market and beyond