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Global LiB Leaders Gathered at the 2023 Batteries Event in Lyon, France
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In a significant gathering this October, major LiB manufacturers from across the globe convened in Lyon, France, for the prestigious 2023 Batteries Event.

Invited by Aichelin Ges.m.b.H., Kilnpartner's delegation, led by General Manager Mr. Huang Ligang and CEO Mr. Fan Xiaochun, showcased their collaborative prowess. Together, they highlighted the synergies of their partnership, offering insights into the future trends of production capacity enhancement for sintering lithium-ion battery materials.

The unveiling of the state-of-the-art 6-row 2-layer Roller Hearth Kiln and the world-first 2-level 6-row 2-layer RHK for the LiB industry with a 10,000-ton capacity garnered significant attention from attendees.

During an engaging Q&A session, General Manager Huang Ligang adeptly addressed queries, earning commendation and sparking interest from multiple manufacturers keen on deeper collaboration.

The event also provided a platform for KPK to interact with leading European battery firms, further solidifying their presence in the region.

Marking a significant milestone, KPK, as the prominent kiln enterprise for the lithium-ion battery industry in Europe, received widespread acclaim for their "sandwich" solution at the Lyon Battery Show. 

This innovative approach harmoniously and flexibly integrates Kilnpartner's technical standards, clients' customized demands, and Aichelin's European standards, ensuring comprehensive solutions from research and manufacturing to installation and after-sales service.

With a vision set on the horizon, Kilnpartner is poised to chart a new course in the global lithium-ion battery landscape!